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IFSC code or Indian Financial System Code is a unique code of 11 digit alphanumeric characters. It can be found on the cheque leaf, passbook, or monthly statements of the bank. IFSC code helps in identifying the branch of a bank. It is necessary to have IFSC code details for any online transfer like NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS.


Apart from the BARCLAYS BANK’s cheque leaf, passbook, and monthly statement, the IFSC code of BARCLAYS BANK can be searched online. Let us take an example of searching for IFSC code of BARCLAYS BANK in MAHARASHTRA. To search for BARCLAYS BANK MAHARASHTRA IFSC code, the following steps need to be taken. Most of the websites that provide IFSC codes for all the banks have to drop-down menus to help you select your bank and other details easily. Let us search for BARCLAYS BANK MAHARASHTRA IFSC code by taking the following steps.

After making these selections, you will get all the information. Name of Bank, state in which bank is located, district of bank, BARCLAYS BANK MAHARASHTRA branch address, BARCLAYS BANK MAHARASHTRA branch phone number and finally BARCLAYS BANK MAHARASHTRA IFSC code.

You can also look for the IFSC code of the BARCLAYS BANK on the RBI website. RBI website lists the IFSC code and all the other details of all the banks and their branches in the country. The IFSC code can also be found on the bank’s official website. For example, if we are looking for BARCLAYS BANK MAHARASHTRA IFSC code, then we take the following steps.

On providing the above information, you will get detailed information about BARCLAYS BANK in that particular branch. This information includes the BARCLAYS BANK’s district, branch, branch’s address, branch’s phone number, and IFSC code of the branch.

The IFSC code of the BARCLAYS BANK can also be looked up in the cheque leaf on the top left corner under the branch’s address. The IFSC code could be printed in a different place. However, it depends on bank to bank. On the BARCLAYS BANK’s statement, you can find it on the top right corner of the statement. Once again, this may vary from bank to bank. Some banks do not include IFSC code or other details in the statement. Finally, it can also be found on the passbook’s first page.